Teach to Fish PH partnership with Waters Philippines Inc

Teach to Fish PH partnership with Waters Philippines Inc

May 20, 2017, Teach to Fish PH had established partnership with Waters Philippines Inc, a Filipino company established since February 10, 1995 and became a market leader in home water purifiers since 1996 with offices not only in the Philippines but also in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Teach to Fish founder (left) with Mr. Mark Bergado, Waters Division Assistant Vice President

Not just providing Load Retailership Business, Teach to Fish PH has now expanded its program to inspire, to equip, and to mobilize the Filipino people towards achieving their dreams through providing them business opportunities with little to no starting capital.

This move is expected to help more people to earn extra income thru engaging in Independent Distributorship Business without much capital needed.

You may now check this page for further details about this progam. Independent Distributorship Business with Waters Phil Inc

God bless!