Retailers can now Reload their Retailer Account via Smart Padala

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To our dear Load Retailers, reloading your retailer account balance have become much easier with Smart Padala!

Going to banks can be a tedious task to some, having to commute, fall-in line to a long queue of waiting fellow depositors for their own precious turn. And to busy people like you, we understand that time is money.

To address with this concern and as our continues advocacy in helping people with their business, we have provided step-by-step instruction for our dear retailers on how to save more, time, and effort for their loading business.

The following are the step-by-step instructions.

How to replenish your Retailer Account Balance

thru Smart Padala

For automatic, faster and 24/7 Loadwallet replenishment, you can now replenish your Retailer Account Balance via SmartMoney.

1. Go to the nearest store/establishment that has Smart Padala service transfer to Loadcentral’s official Smart Money account – 5577 5113 2164 6117


2. Then, Text your COMPLETE transfer details to Verification Text Hotline: 09285083355.
Please take note to follow the exact SMS Format:


send to 09285083355


3. If you have sent correct SMS format, there’s no need to wait for 30 minutes to 2 hours processing time. Just check your balance immediately and upon checking it was already credited to your account. This is a 24/7 Verification and Loading Service, so it means: NO cut-off time and also available on Sundays and holidays!



  • Minimum Transfer is P500. Stores and establishment may charge you with service fee.
  • If you are a BDO depositor, you can also transfer from your BDO account to SmartMoney account, minimum payment must be with unique amount to experience LoadCentral’s automated replenishment via Smart Money
  • Easiest way to inform Smart Money transfer details is by the use of Verification Text Hotline (09285083355)
  • Take note to follow the exact and correct SMARTMONEY SMS SYNTAX in sending to verification text hotline. Please see syntax above.
  • Sending of wrong information (date, amount, reference number etc) will delay verification and loading process
  • Do not double send info to the verification text hotline
  • If the info sent is correct, just check your wallet balance and upon checking it was already credited to your account.
  • If replenishment is not received within 30 minutes, please report it immediately to
  • For more info, text AUTOSMINFO to 09285083355.

For other Loadwallet replenishment methods, please read here.

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