How to Buy

Good day! In this page, we will present to you different methods on how to avail our products or purchase our services.

In our commitment to inspire, equip, and mobilize people in realizing their dream of starting their own business or starting their own business to realize their dreams, Teach to Fish PH provides different product and services including reading materials (ex: eBooks), training and seminars, business tools and equipment, applications and software, and business and investment opportunities that will provide our clients some helpful information, equipment they can use, and even opportunities to start their own business.

Members and Subscribers enjoys most of our products and services for FREE by clicking FREE Download. (click here for instruction).

Non-Members and Non-Subscribers can avail our products and services thru their credit card/ debit card account via PayPal Platform by just clicking the button as shown below:

However, it is understandable that some have neither credit card/ debit card account nor PayPal Account. This customer/ clients can still place their orders online thru our Manual Payment Method which we will discuss step-by-step below:

Manual Payment Method

1. Go to your nearest BDO Branch.

2. Fill the Deposit Slip Form which looks like as shown below:

3. On the Deposit Slip Form, write the following:

           Account Number                                  :   0006-7072-2936

           Account Name                                     :   JOHN MARC B. ESTOQUE

           Reference Number and Payor’s Name :  <Your Full name and Your Cellphone Number>

4. Process your cash deposit to the Bank Teller.

5. Scan or take a photo of your validated deposit slip. The digits and letters in the image should be clear as possible.

6. And send it to our email address:

    The email content should be in the following format:

           Email Subject: <The Product or Service that you wanted to Avail> ex: Retailer Reload*

                                   *You can find the Product Code under the “Buy Now” Button

           Email Body:

                          Name:      <Your Complete Name> ex: Juan Dela Cruz

                          Amount:   <Amount Deposited> ex: P1,000

                          Message:  <any further message you wanted to tell>


                         <Scanned Copy or Photo of Your Deposit Slip>

7. We will now verify the emailed copy of the your cash deposit.

    While waiting for verification, we also encourage you to send us a the following text message:

          Your email address         :

          Your complete name      :

          Your purchased product :

    And send it to our cellphone number: 0928-096-6564

   Please take note that the schedule of our verification is during Monday to Friday only (except during Holidays) from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM in the Philippine Time.

8. After we have successfully verified your purchase order, you will now receive a confirmation email from us that your purchase had been verified and will receive a message when you will receive availed product or service.

    If in case you have not yet received the product, feel free to contact us thru our cellphone number: 0928-096-6564 and we will be glad to assist you.

If you have any comments, inquiries, or suggestions, we would like to hear from you. Please message us your email.