Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart

Hi Kamusta? Gusto kong i-share sa yo ‘tong kwento ni Pablo and Bruno. I’m sure you will also learn a valuable lesson from it.

Once Upon A Time

…sa isang malayong probinsya, merong isang maliit na baryo.

May malaking probema ‘tong baryo na ‘to. Wala silang mapagkunan ng tubig.
Ang pwede lang nilang pagkunan ng tubig ay yung malayong ilog na nasa tuktok ng bundok.

Kaylangan nila ng solusyon. Handa silang magbayad ng pera sa taong makakagawa at makakaisip ng paraan sa problema nila sa tubig.

May dalawang nag-volunteer para solusyunan itong problema na ‘to …si Pablo at si Bruno.

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Real Estate & Housing Opportunities at SJDM, Bulacan

Beginning April 2020, The Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 7 (MRT-7) is already expected to start its operations running from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan to North Avenue, Quezon City.

The City of San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) is a component suburban city in the province of Bulacan in Central LuzonPhilippines. The city got its name from Saint Joseph, a saint who some hunters saw upon the forests of this land. Thus the name San Jose Del Monte.

San Jose del Monte takes pride with its rich history, one that goes as far back as the 1800s or during the Spanish colonization.

The city saw the Filipinos cry for freedom, even serving as a battleground between the Filipino and Spanish forces. It also became a shelter and hiding place to Filipino guerrillas during the Japanese occupation.

Now, its numerous historical and religious sites such as the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Shrine and the heritage church St. Joseph The Worker Parish, and resorts like Groto Vista Resort and Los Arcos de Armano facade, and other tourist attractions make the town a frequent destination of travelers and holiday-makers.

Today, San Jose del Monte bustles with life amid a panoramic landscape and new residents find it as a fresh alternative to the already highly congested Metro Manila. At present, San Jose del Monte is already home to numerous industries and malls, and boasts paved roads, accessible transport, and high-speed internet.

The city has continued to develop. More and more infrastructures and businesses are starting to rise, more people are coming over.

Why Buy a House in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan?

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Frontinus Stratagemata – Book III.B

Book III. B: Matters connected with the Protection of the Besieged On the other hand, stratagems connected with the protection of the besieged: XII. On stimulating the vigilance of one’s’s own troops. XIII. On sending and receiving messages. XIV. On introducing reinforcements and supplying provisions. XV. How to produce the impression of abundance of what … Read more

Frontinus Stratagemata

Written by Sextus Julius Frontinus (c. 40 – 103 AD), a successful general and politician under Domitian, commanding forces in Roman Britain, and on the Rhine and Danube frontiers, Stratagemata is a collection of different strategies written in anecdotal style that are applied in Greek and Roman history

The written work is subdivided into four (4) books. The first are illustrations of stratagems for use before the battle begins; in the second, those that relate to the battle itself and tend to effect the complete subjugation of the enemy; the third contains stratagems connected with sieges and the raising of sieges; and the fourth book which tackles on leadership, discipline, and other materials and knowledge which deemed useful.

Most of the strategies exemplified in the book are still effective in the contemporary period as it was in the period of Roman conquests. The anecdotes narrated in the book gives deep insights on helpful strategies that can be applied not only in war but to day-to-day basis in handling your organization, your competitor, and your business strategies.

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Zhuge Liang “The Way of the General”

Authored by the most brilliant strategist of all time in China, The Way of the General is a short treatise written by Zhuge Liang which deals practical knowledge on Leadership and Crisis Management.

Zhuge Liang (181–234) courtesy name Kongming, was a chancellor (or prime minister) and regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He is recognised as the most accomplished strategist of his era, and has been compared to Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War.

He was an important military strategist, statesman and accomplished scholar and inventor. His reputation as an intelligent and learned scholar grew even while he was living in relative seclusion, earning him the nickname “Wolong” or “Fulong” (both literally mean “Crouching Dragon”).

Today his His name, even his surname alone, had become synonymous with intelligence and strategy in Chinese culture.

His only surviving work, The Way of the General, had become a must-read book adjacent to Sun Tzu’s Art of War for entrepreneurs and business leaders in the East Asia.

The following are selected quotes from his short treatise:

“Nothing is harder to see into people’s natures. Though good and bad are different, their conditions and appearances are not always uniform.
There are some people who are nice enough but steal.
Some people are outwardly respectful while inwardly making fools of everyone.
Some people are brave on the outside yet cowardly on the inside.
Some people do their best but are not loyal.”

“Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered, those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.”

“To overcome the intelligent by folly is contrary to the natural order of things; to overcome the foolish by intelligence is in accord with the natural order. To overcome the intelligent by intelligence, however, is a matter of opportunity.”

“Nothing is harder to see into than people’s nature. The sage looks at subtle phenomena and listens to small voices. This harmonizes the outside with the inside and the inside with the outside.”

“An enlightened ruler does not worry about people not knowing him; he worries about not knowing people.”

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